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Milwaukee’s most reliable collection agency

Based near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Central Collection Corp. has been recovering debt
for a wide array of businesses as well as specializing in Health Care debt collections since 1974.
Dedication to our clients is our number one concern and has earned us a solid reputation
that we strive to protect by providing the best possible service at a competitive rate.

As Milwaukee's premier collection agency, we will work tirelessly
to retrieve your past due accounts, collecting late bills that are rightfully yours.


Getting your company on the road to reliable and solid collections isn't as complicated as many people think.
Our staff of professionals is eager to show you how to get started. All it takes is three quick steps
to get your company set up with EZ-Collect™ from Central Collection Corp.

And remember: No Collection – No Charge

Recovery Rates

On $10,000 of collectibles,
the average collection agency will only recover
between 18% and 20% ($1,800 to $2,000).
By comparison, our professionals average a collection of 30% to 50% ($3,000 to $5,000).

On a $10,000 collection,
that's potentially $1,000 to $3,200
more than the average collection agency.

Your company deserves a 100% payment.
With Central Collection Corp.,
your firm is much closer to that goal.


Central Collection Corp.   3055 N. Brookfield Road, Suite 31, Brookfield, Wisconsin 53045

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